Can You run FaceTime on Windows ?

Facetime has been a very popular app for making video calls under iOS and macOS. It’s one of the most widely used apps and is well known for stability and efficiency. Actually even if you are windows user and you think such a useful app would not be a deal for you. Sometimes you will probably find yourself in a situation where you need to have a video call with a family member or a colleague who only owns Apple devices. So the famous question that have always been asked is there any way to get Facetime running on Windows operating system ?

Can You run FaceTime on Windows ?

Photo by Julia M Cameron on Pexels 

Apple company marketing strategies have been always the same. It wants everyone to buy all Apple products from the phone to the tablet to the computer. You have to keep in mind that facetime is a nice feature they want to keep to themselves to encourage users to stay true to Apple. We scanned the whole internet, and we can guarantee you there is no way to use facetime on other operating system other than Apple operating System.

Be careful ! The Internet is full of suspicious content which claims to have executable version of Facetime running directly on windows. If we just think a bit logically, running an iOS app on Mac remains a hard challenge so you need to forget even about running iOS apps on windows.

Creating an app on other platforms able to interact with FaceTime would remain probably impossible since Facetime is encrypted end to end and the creation of a compatible app would for sure requires breaking that encryption or having open source code which is not the case.

Using Emulators and virtual machines would be surely the first alternative which will come to your mind. Too much time and effort to put, tons of bugs to face and no guaranteed result.

However, there is luckily plenty of good alternatives for Facetime which run both on iOS and Windows.

  1. Skype : well known, widely used and one of the oldest video calling apps. Ideal for voice and video calls, text chat, screen and file sharing and more.

    Supported Platforms: Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, Linux, and others. It can also be used in a web browser.

    Cost : Free app but calls to mobile, Landline and international numbers is paid.

  2. Viber: A world leader in messaging platforms, It offers good quality video and voice calls and text chat with individuals. Photo and video sharing are very easy to do.

    Supported Platforms : Windows, Mac, iOS and Android.

    Cost : only calls between Viber users are free. Calling to other mobiles and landlines are paid.

  3. Facebook Messenger: Web-based app that offers free Video and voice calling, multimedia sharing, and text chats with your Facebook friends.

    Supported Platforms: Web (Windows, Mac, Linux), Android and iOS.

    Cost : free

  4. Google Duo : google created in August 2016 a great and very simple to use service devoted to individual video chat or groups. Video calls are supported up to 8 people at the same time.

    Supported Platforms: Web (Windows, Mac, Linux), Android and iOS.

    Cost : free

  5. Line : launched in 2011 by LINE Corporation, is a popular messaging app in Asia, with more than 200 million monthly active offers a robust set of features including end-to-end encrypted video, voice and Voice over IP calls (VoIP). Line users are also able to exchange texts, images, video and audio for free

    Supported Platforms: Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, Chrome OS and Firefox OS

    cost : user-to-user calls and text messages are free, calls to mobile devices and landline users are paid.

    Download links :