Quick Intro to SQL Terms Beginners Should Know

SQL is with no doubt a very powerful language when it comes to reading and manipulating Databases. If you are a beginner and have the intention to become a backend developer, this quick and brief tutorial will help you understand the new terms of the SQL language. So let's get started :D

Quick Intro to SQL Terms Beginners Should Know

  1. SQL stands for Structured Query Language.

  2. Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio, SQuirrel SQL and MySQL Workbench are examples of editors that understand SQL language.

  3. A Database contains multiple tables, and tables have a specified number of columns but can have any number of rows.

  4. A primary key is the column that contains values that uniquely identify each row in a table, and it cannot be NULL

  5. A view is a virtual or let's say temporary table created by SQL when we try for example to join 2 existing tables

  6. A procedure is a part of SQL code that can be saved and reused easily later

  7. With SQL, we can insert, update, or even delete data inside tables of a database.

  8. With SQL, we can create tables, procedures, views and retrieve data from a database.

  9. SQL is case-insensitive. Using UPPER-CASE is very common to make the code easy to be read

  10. A query is an action that retrieve data or manipulate it such as insertion, updating or deleting where a subquery is a query within another query